Asian Domestic Workers Network (ADWN)


The Asian Domestic Workers Network (ADWN) was officially formed in the year 2005 as an outcome of an Exchange workshop of Asian Domestic Workers in Hong Kong in 2004. This exchange was organised by Committee for Asian Women (CAW). It is the first Asian-based network that links up local adult Domestic Workers’ (DW) organisations.

The Committee for Asian Women acts as the secretariat and advisory member of the ADWN.

The network comprises of local adult DW organisations/unions and support NGOs from Asia.
At present, ADWN membership are from South Asia, East Asia and South East Asia who are mostly DW organisations including societies, trade unions and NGOs.

ADWN membership has two categories: regular and associate.


We envision a society that affirms domestic work as decent and dignified work; where domestic workers have dignity, respect, recognition and enjoy labour rights.


  • To support self-organising efforts of local adult domestic workers in Asia
  • To provide assistance to member organisations in strengthening their formations and in sustaining their initiatives
  • To advocate for policies and programs for domestic workers, in local and international levels, including and especially an ILO convention, that will effect change in valuing the work of domestic workers, in providing them access to social services and in promoting their rights as workers
  • To mobilise the support of different social partners and stakeholders, both in the local and regional levels, for the cause of domestic workers


  • Capacity Building: Strengthen the capacity, skills and knowledge of member organisations by sharing organising, training and lobbying strategies (including modules, IEC-information education communication materials and other pertinent documents) and through study tours and exchange programmes.
  • Campaigns: Support campaigns and advocacy activities of domestic workers’ organisations by exchanging solidarity messages, providing assistance to their events, securing media coverage and linking them to social partners
  • Networking: Link up with other domestic workers organisations in Asia and exchange updates on efforts on the domestic work issue; Bring in more social partners and stakeholders to the cause of domestic workers.
  • Alliance-building: Building alliances with other social movements and engaging stakeholders to promote the cause of domestic workers at local, regional and international levels
  • Lobbying: Work for legislation to promote and protect the rights and welfare of domestic workers
  • Strengthening ADWN network and organisational structure in a democratic manner

ADWN Members:

Advisory Member
Committee for Asian Women

Regular Members
Nepali Independent Domestic Workers Union-Nepal (Chairperson)
Tunas Mulia Domestic Workers Union-Indonesia (Secretary and Exco for Southeast Asia)
Hong Kong Domestic Workers General Union -Hong Kong (Exco for East Asia)
Tamil Nadu Domestic Worker Union -India (Exco for South Asia)
Nepali Domestic Workers Forum-Nepal
Red Flag Women Movement -Sri Lanka
Penn Thozhilalargal Sangam (Women Worker’s Union)- India
SEWA – Self Employed Women Association -India

Associate Members
Jala PRT, National Advocacy for Domestic Workers- Indonesia
Rumpun Tjoet Njak Dien-Indonesia
CWISH –Nepal
North Eastern Regional Domestic Workers Movement-India
Working Women’s Organisation -Pakistan
PERISAI, Association for Indonesian Child Study and Rights Advocacy -Indonesia
Stree Jagruti Samiti -India

Contact Details:

Asian Domestic Workers Network (ADWN) C/o: Committee for Asian Women (CAW)

Mailing address: 386/58,Ratchadaphisek 42, Ratchadaphisek Road, Jakasam, Chatujak, Bangkok, 10900,Thailand

Telephone number: +66-29305634 and fax: +66-2930 5633


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