Thousands Leave Flood-surround Thai Capital

    Residents poured out of the Thai capital by bus, plane and train Thursday (Oct 27), heeding government warnings to use a special five-day holiday to evacuate parts of the flood-threatened metropolis before a weekend deluge rushes through the city. The evacuation warning applied to only three of Bangkok's 50 districts, but the government acknowledgement the entire city could flood in coming days meant many residents were leaving the city of 9 million people before the floods come. AP (Photo: Flooded Don Mueang Airport-AP)

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  • Festive Air as Workers Picket New Labour Law
  • Migrant Workers Desperate for any Assistance
  • Nationwide MTUC Picket on Nov 3 Over Labour Law Changes

  • Formal Economy

    Preparations for the improvement of brain activity
    There is no limit to perfection! Every sensible person is motivated to improve his life: a perfect body, comfortable accommodation, a continuous self-development, taking care of loved ones, emotional balance and harmony. To achieve all of these goals requires not so much: a positive attitude, good health, physical and mental activity. [...]

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    Formal Economy

    Nationwide MTUC Picket on Nov 3 Over Labour Law Changes

    The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) has unanimously agreed to hold a nationwide picket on November 3 to protest proposed amendments to the Employment Act passed last week that could affect job security and workers’ rights, according to the Malaysian Insider News. The national labour centre’s general committee came to the decision last night at [...]

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    Rights in Conflict and Suppression

    Saudi Monarch Grants Women the Right to Vote in 2015

    King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on Sunday granted women the right to vote and run in future municipal elections, the biggest change in a decade for women in a puritanical kingdom that practices strict separation of the sexes, including banning women from driving, according to the New York Times. Saudi women, who are legally subject [...]

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    Migration and Labour

    Migrant Workers Desperate for any Assistance

    Floods have inundated their workplaces and residences. They have lost their incomes as many factories have been temporarily shut. Living without food and money in a foreign country is a nightmare for them. The plight of those migrant workers who cannot speak Thai in this time is even worse. With limited numbers of officials and [...]

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    Informal Economy

    Festive Air as Workers Picket New Labour Law

    Despite a slow start, a workers’ protest against a new labour law outside the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) building in Jalan Raja Laut here swelled from 50 people to 200 within a half hour and rising. The Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC), an umbrella body comprising 390 labour unions representing 802,323 members, kicked off at [...]

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    Trade and Labour

    Parasites of Workers’ Sweat and Toil

    Workers’ rights in Malaysia are slowly being eroded by a government that places more importance on the well being of companies and corporations, rather than workers, be it local or foreign. one such phenomenon is the rise in the practice of workers being supplied to employers by outsourcing agents and companies, whereby the supplied workers [...]

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    Union Workers Petition PM Seeking Promised Wage Hike

    Representatives of Bangkok workers on Monday delivered a petition addressed to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra at Government House seeking the promised Bt300 minimum wage which her Pheu Thai Party pledged during the recent election campaign. Members of labour unions from industrial zone in Rangsit and adjacent areas urged the government to implement the campaign promise [...]

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